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Dr. med. D. Rühlemann – your expert in dermatology and skin care
Classical and Surgical Dermatology
Venereal Diseases, Allergology, Phlebology, Occupational Dermatology

Personal and professional profile

Dr. David Rühlemann

I was born and brought up in Muenster. I am a Consultant Dermatologist with further qualifications in surgery, allergology, phlebology and occupational and environmental dermatology, but I also believe in skin looking as good as possible as well as being as healthy as possible. 

After graduating from the Medical Department of the University of Muenster I trained at various Departments of Dermatology in Germany and abroad (St. Thomas' Hospital  London, Medway Maritime Hospital Gillingham) and finished my hospital career as a Senior Dermatologist at the Department of Dermatology in Dortmund when I got the chance to set up as a consultant dermatologist in my hometown.

Special clinical interests

Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer including assessment of patients with multiple moles.

Diagnosis and therapy of acute and chronic skin and venereal diseases.
Ambulatory surgery  of  malignant and benign  skin changes (cancer,  cancer precursors,  warts,  fibroma, cysts) and varicose veins. 

Diagnosis and treatment of  allergological, phlebological and occupational diseases using treatments and skin care safely and effectively laser therapy.